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Scott jumped into my nine-part fantasy series, The Lizard Queen, on the third book after the original editor was unable to continue. I was amazed at how well and how quickly he acclimated himself to the ongoing story. He familiarized himself with the first two books beforehand so he knew where the saga was going and how to help get it there. He knows how to provide input and feedback in a concise and effective manner so it is very actionable. I hired him for the next book as well and his expertise grew more apparent as he became more familiar with my writing style and the story. I so enjoyed and benefitted from my experience with Scott that I worked with him for the remaining books in the series.

Scott was a pleasure to work with. As a published author, he refrains from sacrificing poetry on the altar of rigid prose, and as a trained and experienced editor, he is meticulous and extremely professional. Instead of simply fixing mistakes, he fixes them and then explains why precisely. I learned a lot from my time with Scott. Not only the little grammar mistakes I was making, but I also learned how other people will read what I've written.

We hired Scott to edit The Wand-Maker's Debate and The Well of Strands from our best-selling fantasy series, Osric's Wand. Without a doubt, we have learned more from Scott than we have in all our years of writing. Not only was his knowledge far superior to editing services we used in the past, but also he was prompt and professional. We are so impressed with Scott's skill at bringing out the best in our books that we are hiring Scott to re-edit our previous novels in the series. We feel this is the best way to ensure our readers get the highest quality book we can give them. There are not enough words to express how much we truly appreciate the work Scott does, and we can't wait to work with him again!

Scott edited my first science fiction novel, Justice in an Age of Metal and Men, as well as my novella Grit and Grace. His edits were clear and concise. I was really impressed with Scott's grasp of grammar and understanding of the science fiction genre. He was able to significantly improve my novel by enhancing my voice rather than inserting his own. I think this is the mark of a great editor. I'll definitely be calling him again when the next novel is ready.

Scott won my business over half a dozen copyeditors. His demeanor, attention to detail, and ability to balance the needs of the manuscript with my authorial voice have made my two most recent fantasy books much clearer, stronger, and cleaner. His knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style and ear for language are invaluable. I will work with Scott as long as he wants to copyedit my manuscripts.

Scott leaves no stone unturned. He has shown time and again that he is an efficient editor who is extremely good at identifying the most nuanced plot holes and giving useful suggestion on how I can further develop my stories. He uses examples from books and also writes his own examples to teach me how to truly write better and edit by myself. Working with Scott, I have learned many things about structure, content, and flow that no class could have taught me.

After searching for an independent editor for over six months, I asked Scott to do a developmental edit of one of my short stories. The result was excellent. Scott turned the process into a learning experience. Scott’s suggestions, corrections, and edits made the story stronger. Since our first collaboration, Scott has edited three additional short stories and my first novel. The experience has been educational and rewarding. In fact, after his work on my book, I was able to find a publisher interested in publishing the novel. So, if you are looking for an editor who is more interested in improving your writing, making the story stronger, refining the flow, correcting grammar, and not injecting his own voice into your writing, hire Scott.

I hired Scott to do a copyedit of my novel well before it was ready for copyediting. While some editors might have overlooked this and only focused on the small stuff I was paying them for, Scott brought light to bigger issues as well. After he edited the first couple chapters, I took the manuscript back, tore it apart, and returned it to him in better form. Scott was extremely flexible and was happy to start over months later for the truly final copyedit. I doubt there are many freelance editors out there who are as thorough, professional, and flexible as Scott, and I would recommend him to anyone.

After my past experiences with freelance editors, Scott’s work came as a breath of fresh air. As I was in a hurry to start reaching out to publishers with my work, Scott agreed to edit my 100,000-word manuscript in three and a half weeks, and he stuck to his promise (even finishing a few days early). Scott answered all of my emails quickly and continued to answer my overabundance of questions even after his work was done and everything was paid. Scott’s contributions to The Dawn of Imagination and In Search of Lady Ayahuasca were invaluable, and I hope to work with him again in the future.


Zach Zimmerman

author of In Search of Lady Ayahuasca

I was so nervous about finding an editor for my first novel, Uniting the Heavens. I wanted an editor who knew his/her craft inside and out, who wouldn't drown out my voice and storytelling style, and who would be easy to communicate with. Scott turned out to be all of that and more. He is flexible, attentive to detail, and provides feedback not only from an editor's point of view, but also from a reader's. He understands the importance of world building and the "rules" that govern the kinds of imaginary times and settings that fantasy audiences are familiar with. He helped me walk that fine line where suspension of disbelief is so necessary. After Scott completed his developmental edit of what I thought was my final draft, I was so impressed that I hired him to do the final copyedit. I have learned so much while working with him, and truly enjoyed the collaboration. He has helped make me a better writer, and without a doubt, I'll be contacting Scott again when I work on my second book.


Emily English

author of Uniting the Heavens

Scott and I worked together for a couple of months on my novel. He was able to show how words, phrases, and sentences could be more effective in a way that was instructive and not overly critical. His positive feedback was sincere and helped me understand why a given passage worked well. Thanks to Scott’s efforts, I have a well-polished manuscript to shop around.


Jay McCann

author of Companions of a Fall

As the developmental editor of my first novel, Scott provided me with several avenues to explore, and he steered me in a direction that helped me hone in on my story. Scott's professionalism put me at ease, and I'm grateful for his keen eye for detail and his spot-on feedback. He was able to point out flaws that I could not see for myself, and he provided the editing service I was seeking in a four-week time frame. When my storyline lagged in places, he noted this. When he didn't understand something in the action or the wording, he pointed that out too. With the direction he provided me, I'm now on track with my revisions. Mr. Jones does not sugarcoat anything, but he is not harsh either. He's good about zooming in on key points or lines and flagging issues that need to be addressed.


Tabitha Maine

author of Knock, Knock

I approached Scott for a developmental edit of my first literary project and was very pleased with the results. Not only was he incredibly thorough from a grammatical perspective, but also his insights as a professional writer were invaluable. He was very good about letting me know in a meaningful way what was and wasn’t working, and he gave me many semantic alternatives to make passages smoother and provide deeper nuance. Additionally, he was very easy to work with and provided his edits in a timely fashion. Whenever I had a question, he answered promptly and in depth. I will definitely work with Scott on any and all future projects.


Alex Licht

author of Tilting Against Windmills

H. L. Cherryholmes

author of


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Anthony Eichenlaub

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Ashley Delay

Jack D. Albrecht, Jr.

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Anthony St. Clair

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Sam Landstrom

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Scott edited my interactive fiction books Wizard's Choice Volume 6 and Zombie High Volume 1. He was professional, fast, and thorough. In addition, he gave me a lot of good tips throughout the stories, which fixed continuity issues, tightened up my writing, and cleared up prose that would have otherwise been confusing to my audience. I highly recommend him!

Amy Biddle

author of


Over the last seven years, Scott has edited over a dozen drafts of my novels and short stories, and I can say without reservation that he is conscientious in everything he undertakes. He is the consummate professional. He encourages when encouragement is called for, restrains when that is called for.


Alfred Warkentin

author of Shadows

In my previous job I hired close to fifty medical professionals. Each hiring decision was difficult, but not even remotely as difficult as navigating the dense publishing jungle in search of the right editor. I evaluated over two hundred editors before I found Scott, and he is easily the best hiring decision I’ve ever made. Scott is consistent, reliable, and always on time. He deeply understands the voice of the narrator and characters, and he’s got a remarkable ear. He senses the rhythm and flow, picks up on imperceptible connotations, flags words and passages that aren’t optimal, and suggests better options. He’s a highly skilled story surgeon who is genuinely kind, humble, and courteous, and he’s also got a great sense of humor.

Erik Brodin

author of



fantasy series

Vincent Riddle

author of

Mask of the Wizard  

fantasy novel

I’m convinced that in a previous life Scott and I were kinsmen who spent our evenings around the fire telling fantastic stories to the tribe. But in this life, Scott’s the one who remembered all the storyteller’s tricks. From day one, Scott put me at ease. The changes he recommended for Prometheus Undead were full of insight and delivered on schedule, so when it came time to edit my next novel, Mask of the Wizard, I hired him again. He criticizes and corrects where it’s needed, and even takes the time to praise and encourage when things are right. He’s not shy about taking on both tasks. As a result, each time he edits one of my novels, I feel like an apprentice being taught by the master.