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How long have you been editing fantasy and sci-fi?

My roots as an editor go back eight years. In 2008, while completing my MFA at the University of Montana, I was the nonfiction editor of the literary journal CutBank, and I honed in on my developmental editing style while taking graduate creative writing workshops. Then when I started working as a freelance editor later that year, I read The Chicago Manual of Style and The Oxford Guide to Style cover to cover, internalizing all of the detailed grammar, punctuation, and syntax rules that I now know by heart.


Initially, I edited the full range of manuscripts, but for the last four years I’ve been specializing in fantasy, sci-fi, and dark fiction, including editing novels for PS Publishing and DarkFuse. I’ve also had the pleasure of copyediting the two most recent issues of Postscripts, the quarterly British magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and crime fiction.